Acura Capital and Patex, Valued at $100M, Set to Launch State-of-the-Art Digital Bank for RWA Tokenization

 One of the biggest Brazilian Web2 funds with $1.8 billion in assets under management and $3 billion under custody, Acura Capital, announces a new product to be launched with its close Web3 ally – Patex, the largest blockchain ecosystem for Latin America.

Acura Capital is excited to unveil its latest venture: a cutting-edge digital bank. This product promises to redefine banking with an innovative approach tailored to the digital age. The main focus is on security, efficiency, and inclusivity.

This revolutionary digital bank is designed to meet the unique needs of the Latin American market. It offers a blend of traditional banking services with modern cryptocurrency features.

Revolutionizing Digital Banking in The Region

Leveraging Acura Capital’s financial expertise and Patex’s blockchain experience, the new digital bank aims to tackle the unique challenges of the Latin American economy.

The bank will offer a comprehensive suite of services, including digital and crypto banking solutions, tailored to meet the needs of over 670 million users across the region.

It introduces a range of services:

RWA Tokenization

Patex embedds tokenized RWAs in the $6 trillion economy of Latin America. The bank facilitates the transformation of tangible assets into securities that are tradable on traditional stock exchanges.

These securities then form the basis for the creation of tokenized assets, which will be issued through security token offerings and tradeable on a secondary market safeguarded by KYC/AML protocols.

This particular feature is developed under strategic guidance from expert advisors from Brazil’s Ministry of Finance and Central Bank.

Digital Wallet

The digital wallet provides a secure and convenient way to store and manage digital currencies and financial assets thanks to the advanced encryption techniques integrated for safety and privacy.

Its intuitive interface facilitates instant transactions (whether sending or receiving funds). The wallet supports multiple currencies, so users can manage their diverse portfolios in one place.

Patex Tokens for Payments

Pix, the instant payment system introduced by the Central Bank of Brazil, has rapidly gained prominence for its efficiency and convenience. By leveraging blockchain technology, Pix transactions can now be facilitated using Patex tokens, representing digital assets securely stored within blockchain wallets.

These tokens serve as cryptographic representations of value, enabling seamless transfers of funds without the need for traditional intermediaries.


Floating services offer flexible interest rates on savings and loans. They adapt to market conditions to provide the best possible terms for customers. This maximizes savers’ returns and offers affordable borrowing costs. With rates that adjust automatically, Patex Digital Bank clients gain transparency, a much-needed feature in the financial market.


The exchange platform facilitates the swift conversion of various currencies (fiat and cryptocurrencies) at competitive rates with low transaction fees. It operates around the clock to provide real-time market data, make users trade efficiently, and optimize their financial strategies by taking advantage of market movements.

Instant Money Transfer

Users can send and receive funds instantaneously, 24/7 – transactions are completed within seconds for top-notch convenience and decreased waiting times traditionally associated with bank transfers.

Crypto Cards

Patex Digital Bank incorporates extensive capabilities for operating with cryptocurrency cards in addition to its comprehensive suite of operations with traditional currency cards.

These cryptocurrency cards are designed to offer equivalent functionality to their conventional counterparts. Thus, users can make a wide array of transactions, such as in-store payments and online subscription fees, among others, and they can be easily integrated into Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Online Sales

This feature integrates with e-commerce platforms to provide merchants with fast transaction capabilities. It includes tools for:

sales tracking

revenue management

real-time financial reporting

Personal Loan

The bank meets customers’ diverse needs. Personal loans feature competitive interest rates, flexible repayment plans, and a straightforward application process.

The loans are prioritized for fast approval times and minimal documentation required.

Wealth Management

Take advantage of personalized financial planning and investment management tailored to the individual goals and risk profiles of clients.

Utilizing cutting-edge analytical tools and market insights, the services designed by Acura Capital and Patex optimize asset growth and provide strategic advice for long-term financial health.

A Commitment to Innovation and Security

According to the Management Director of Acura Capital, Fernando Luiz de Senna Figueiredo, the collaboration between Acura Capital and Patex is a match made in heaven.

By combining our respective strengths, we’re creating a digital banking platform that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible with technology. Our teams also deeply understand how to cater to the needs of Latin American users,” he said.

We’re confident that our digital bank will deliver a secure, intuitive, and comprehensive banking experience that bridges the gap between traditional financial services and the digital economy in such a promising region like Latin America.

About Acura Capital

Acura Capital, with $1.8 billion under management, is a leading provider of investment, portfolio analysis, and risk management services, known for its commitment to excellence and innovation. Acura Capital is dedicated to delivering superior financial solutions to its clients.

About Patex

Patex is the largest blockchain ecosystem in Latin America. It is a key player in the blockchain sector, focused on the emerging crypto market of Latin America. With offerings like the Patex Network, C-Patex Exchange, and Patex Campus, the company is at the forefront of addressing the region’s financial challenges (lack of infrastructure for launching CBDCs, time-consuming dollar transfers for foreign trade, a complicated banking system, lack of transparency in government-individual interactions, low blockchain industry knowledge among the population, and absence of instruments for crypto industry taxation) through technology.


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